If you receive an email requesting you to open an email attachment in order to confirm a delivery by CX Logistics, this email is fraudulent and the attachment may be a computer virus.


You should be wary of emails appearing to be from CX Logistics, but requesting personal information such as username, passwords, bank account or credit card details. These phishing emails might include links that direct you to a spoofed website or online form where you are asked to enter personal information.

If a link appears suspicious, please do not click on it.

In general, CX Logistics recommends not opening attachments or clicking on links in emails identified as being “from” CX Logistics, if one or more of the following is the case:

  • You are not doing business with us
  • The email is asking for personal or confidential information
  • The email contains suspicious-looking links or attachments
  • You are instructed to open an attachment for more details, including the tracking number
  • The email does not come with a valid tracking number

For more information or to report fraud, please contact our customer service center at +65 6250 5455.